Change in education is promoted by means of three main projects, among others:


Since 2010, and thanks to a sponsorships program started with 25 kids in 2008, nowadays we have over 200 sponsored kids and students, in Primary, secondary and college, who enjoyed easier access to education.

Those students who have been sponsored in Primary school are offered school material valued 60 euros (schoolbag, books for each subject, 6 excercise books, files, pencils, shoes, uniform, socks, colours, etc. ). The total cost of the sponsorship is 65 (in the case of Tsunza School students), and the 5 euros remaining are investe din paying for two teachers who are teaching in Tsunza library since 2010 (they are given 2 euros per child) and one euro per child is given to the person who deals with the sponsorships in Kenya. This coordinator has the tasks to pay for the fees, collect recipts, call and gather meetings with the students and their parents, collect their books when the year is over, keep us updated, take photos, collects letters and drawings, etc.

Secondary School students are paid for their school fees, which usually cost between 200 and 500 euros (depending on the quality of the shcool and their results to acces a good school). If the sponsor can afford, we also add some extra 50 or 100 euros for school material.


The books we give every year to the sponsored kids are collected back at the end of the year and, they either are used in the libraries we build or they are given to the schools of the area as they usually have lack of materials.

On the other hand, every year we organise an AIDS prevention project/event in one of the schools of the area and, apart from the prizes that every winner obtains, the schools are also granted a bigger prize, consisting of a pack with schools material that they previously request.


In 2010 Children of Africa volunteers built a library opened to everyone, where the community can have access to a system of books borrowing, to free reading and where they can find a place to work and study making use of the tables and solar light until late night (many times it is opened until 11pm). 

It is in this library where every summer the volunteers give free reinforcement lessons to help the students improve their English, Maths, and Science. The youngest ones receive some help to improve their writing and reading skills. They have also used it to offer several seminars about agriculture, human rights, values and health.

Just six months after opening the library to the public, a community member (Peter William) offered himself to continue with the lessons that the volunteers had started. Since then, two more villagers have joined him and copied his model (Joyce Salome and Ndegwa Fredrick).