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What and Why

Children of Africa

From the energy and enthusiasm of a big group of volunteers Children of Africa (COA) was born; a non-profit association that struggles to change the situation of certain areas in Kenya.

Children of Africa has focused its projects in two main villages so far:

Likoni, where it has been giving support for more than 3 years to Likoni Aids Orphanage, a children’s home with more than 50 kids who live in poor conditions; and in Tsunza, a rural village, where 75% of its inhabitants live under poverty line, in one of the pooerest districts in Kenya, Kinango. It is in this village where we have centred most of our efforts and projects nowadays.

So far, COA Association has worked through different types of projects. On the one hand, about 200 kids have been sponsored and could either access secondary school education or go to primary school with good materials. This project has even allowed two students to access university. On the other hand, COA volunteers have engaged themselves in construction and restoration projects, such us the 3 classrooms built in Timbwani School (Likoni), painting and restoring the children’s home in Likoni, building a sanitary block with showers and latrines in Tsunza, two libraries, a medical dispensary, a carpentry workshop, etc. They have also started several AIDS prevention projects, as well as health, agriculture and Human Rights seminars.

In order to help achieving more autonomy and self-suficiency, apart from the carpentry workshop, they have also founded two women’s groups who learnt how to make bracellets, wallets, handbags and soap, and soma micro-credits have been granted to villagers to open a chapati shop, to purchase fishing tools and to build a rural pub-bar that has prooved quite successful.

The volunteers also bring computers and offer computer lessons to some villagers, considering their urgency (students and teachers go first), as well as English, Maths and Science reinforcements lessons. After the lessons, they encourage the kids to join them in several sports, values and entertaining activities.

Finally, we have a big dream: bringing between 10 to 15 people to university before 2015, as we deeply believe that education is paramount in any attempt to change a country. We do not want to bring European engineers, architects and doctors to Tsunza, but we want to help and see Tsunzanian engineers, acrhitects and doctors shaping their own country.

This is our STORY.