Get involved

There are several ways to help Children of Africa and to get involved in order to change all those things that we don’t like.

On the one hand, you can help improving education in rural areas of Kenya by sponsoring one of the kids that ask for help every summer and whose photos and information we bring and upload on the web after we come back from the volunteers workcamp every September.

On the other hand, you can also register as a member of the Association and help us, through a periodical contribution, to develop the projects that are planned year after year, such as the construction of libraries, classrooms, workshops, medical centres, micro-credits, AIDS prevention, etc.

You can also help organising fundraising events, which is the basis of our work, as we do not depend on any governement help.

You can also apply to come with us in August as a volunteer to Kenya and help in all the projects, doing activities such as building, painting, offering lessons, organising seminars, etc. For that, you need to fill in the application form that you will find in the Volunteers section between January and March.

Of course, you may also help spreading our projects, events and activities around by using your social networks, talking to your family and friends or encouraging people to sponsor a child.

And finally, feel free to make any donation no matter the amount. It can be periodical or just exceptional for any specific project. You just need to transfer to:

ACCOUNT NUMBER:  0081 0107 06 0001461947
IBAN NUMBER: ES 25 0081 0107 06 0001461947
Do not forget to contact us to notify the donation so that we can register it properly and know who we have to thank for it.